Sunday, March 20, 2011

Authentic Assessment: Please Define!

I find myself in an unexpected and interesting collaboration. I am contributing to a revision of an authentic developmental assessment for B-6. What do you need from your assessment system? How does it enable you to make instructional decisions. What are the problems? Which areas do you feel need to be represented? strengthened? omitted? How can you manage tier one assessment with a group of children in a classroom setting? I look forward to your thoughts!

Perfect Early Childhood Assessment

So I find myself on this amazing but unexpected journey. I am contributing to a comprehensive B-6 developmental assessment. So I ask you...what does a good assessment (classroom based) look like? What do you need it to do/inform? What areas of development do you rely on the assessment to guide the instruction (if any). I truly am in need of your input. I have some ideas, but it has been awhile since I managed a classroom of 20 or more preschoolers and used a comprehensive tier 1 assessment. If you could list your top 10 things an authentic (feel free to define authentic) assessment must do...what would they be?