Friday, January 7, 2011

Meeting standards through play

Accountability is not the way you might describe this picture, but that is exactly what I hope you see. As we strive to meet a variety of child outcome and program standards, we are pressured to produce results. This play experience fully engaged seven children for 45 minutes. During this session, children problem solved, asked questions, negotiated physical space (both fine and gross motor) made and tested predictions, enhanced social skills and most importantly laughed and expressed excitement and joy each and every time a marble made it successfully through the maze. Representation and retelling would complete this activity and add to the experience so that it would demonstrate children's development in all 50 learning outcomes aligned with the curriculum. This is the measure of "worthiness" for activities and instruction. Step back and reflect on each moment you are "instructing". Look at each child's expressions. Listen for the joy. Base your planning and decisions on providing rich and meaningful play based programming as you articulate how you best learn with children and surpass the standards!