Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Social Stories for Back to School

Two new teachers worked to create a short social story that will be shared at home visits prior to school starting. The short story features 4 pages with 2 pictures per page that depicts photos the journey from the drop off point/bus stop into the building, past the secretary, down the hall, into the classroom, to the coat hooks and then two interest areas (blocks and group time). Each picture features a friendly person that will be there on the first day to help. So picture of entrance with Principal, picture of crosswalk/stop sign with Principal, entrance to building with secretary, down the hall with the teacher, to the door of the classroom with both teachers, etc... We made a colored "permanent" book to stay in the library area and then photo copied one for each child in black/white. The teachers will share the story at the home visit and then leave the book for the family. Way to go early educators!!!!